An animated mosaic of pictures, shared by users, to show spontaneous engagement and trigger conversations on the brand

Photostream is a new way to create interest and engagement, to facilitate interaction and show an active community. Born as a natural variation of our Twitter monitoring platform, SocialMeter Analysis, Photostream is a new, exciting possibility to use the users’ social media activity to study their profiles, to integrate websites and to create unique experiences during live events. It is an instrument which can monitor given parameters (like Twitter and Instagram accounts or specific hashtags), gathering and showing all the pictures shared live by the users. The result is an animated mosaic of photos, which can be incorporated in a website or displayed on any kind of device, from maxi screens to monitors. The main goal is to generate a feeling of community and persuade the users to engage in the sharing, making them live brand testimonials. The opportunity to actually see “what the others are doing” creates a powerful wish to emulate and feeds the will to be an active part of the community.

In a world where phenomena like the information overload are quite common, where the users are constantly overwhelmed by any sort of information and pushed to share contents, images are becoming central and the concept of visual communication is winning over the textual one. Businesses can no longer ignore the visual component of their communication production: it must be interesting and engaging. Photostream calls to action the users, encouraging them to activate themselves and allows the company to use the pictures of whoever responds and shows a spontaneous interest in the brand. Paired up with SocialMeter Analysis, Photostream becomes a valuable tool for web analysis, to understand the company’s target and improve its web reputation.